Esterno Mura - Masonry and Brick work

Whatever the Weather

Autentico® Esterno Mura is a high quality, matt finish exterior hybrid paint, designed for brick work, masonry and rendering.

When dry, Autentico® Esterno Mura forms a protective layer that is as moisture-proof as any premium acrylic paint but also has the microporous and breathable qualities of a mineral paint. The result is the most ideal protective layer whereby the treated material keeps its properties and retains the moisture exchange with the environment surrounding the building.

  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Water-based
  • Great for Exterior
  • Carries a UV filter and moisture membrane
  • Self cleaning system
  • Dirt and fungus do not penetrate the film resulting in a permanent unsoiled and easy to clean surface.
  • Sheen value - 2% (Ultra matt)
  • The coating forms a layer that is non flammable
  • 20 Deep and Rich Colours
  • Suitable for brickwork, render and masonry
  • Covers 8m2 per 1L


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Esterno Mura - Masonry and Brick work